Sabtu, 09 Juli 2016

The Notebook: #12 Probably An Embarrassing Story 😂😂😂

So in highschool I joined a debate club. I thought it will help me to things like speech or public speaking, beside I love storing facts and talk about theories and stuff. But, being the nervous people I am, I'm not good with speaking until now.

There was an internal debate competition in my school. The team was randomized and I got with 2 student that I knew. We were in the same grade. But the thing was I never got into a group with them so I didn't  know the best way to work with. We were so good at storing fact of the motion. I thought we hada chance to win at least on round.

Little did we know, at the first round we got to debate against our senior. Senior of the debate club. I was so nervous at the first but i  played it cool. later at the end my friend told me I was good at first.

"At first"

I got to be the second speaker of the contra team. But then, my team mate, the first speaker, took half of my statement and basically ruined things for me. I didn't have anything to tell anymore.  I was so confuse I  didnt  know what the best thing to do.

When its my turn, I finished my statement and couldn't think any other fact. I just stand there sweating and trying to figure out what to do.

When accidentally

I said


It just a wisper.
But I was in front of the mic.
I was screaming inside hoping no one hear it.
But damn that was the death of me.
I knew that my other team mad was so angry.

I stoned at there for a little while.
And then I just ended my turn.
And cried inside.

I was so embarrassed back then that I didn't want to do a public speaking like 6 months.


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