Selasa, 16 September 2014

I’m an ENFP | Shattered Stories

being an ENFP is so cool to learn about but knowing that i and many others are being miss understood upsets me soo much because i know we can come of soo silly and stupid because we ramble but theres so much information and knowledge that no body ever tries to unlock. 

i also don’t really know another ENFP personally so in my school i feel so out of place and no body really understands me or my emotions. my ideas are vast but because i don’t have a person that i can vent or fully express myself with, it just stays with me until i manage to fully convince myself that it will never work.

It has been said that ENFPs are among the most introverted extroverts,
which means that we can spend time alone and be ok,
but then the time gets away from us,
we get lonely,
we don’t get it,
and suddenly,
we’re in the really dark place.
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