Rabu, 08 Juli 2015

Each MBTI type is presented with a donut | Shattered Stories

ESFJ: splits the donut equally with all their friends
ISFJ: splits the donut equally with their family members
ENFJ: tries to become friends with the donut
INFJ: gives the donut to a starving homeless person
ESFP: throws a party for the donut
ISFP: draws a detailed still life picture of the donut
ENFP: plans to eat the donut but gets distracted by some random idea and forgets about the donut entirely
INFP: writes a poignant poem or short story about the donut
ESTJ: uses the donut to bait a mousetrap or accomplish another practical task
ISTJ: researches the history of donuts and then writes a 20-page essay about the history of donuts
ENTJ: stares at the donut while plotting world dominance
INTJ: conducts scientific experiments on the donut to determine the ingredients it is made of, study how long it takes bacteria to come onto food, etc, and ends up revolutionizing science
ESTP: sets the donut on fire and throws it off a 5000 foot cliff into the ocean
ENTP: invents a machine that can clone donuts and creates dozens of copies of the original donut
INTP: conducts a science experiment to try to convert the donut into a liquid but fails miserably
ISTP: actually eats the freaking donut and wonders what is wrong with everyone else



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