Jumat, 06 Juli 2012

Wild Ones Hack 99x hack cheat engine Easy with gameplay | Shattered Stories cheat engine

2.choose any process(your browser)
3.go to practice:game time:30 turn time:35 place:sink or swim enemy bots:1 so it would be easier
5.choose a weapon and put the ammount of the weapon that you choose in the box first scan
7.shoot the weapon you choose
8.put again the ammount of the weapon you choose until you get only 1 address(if you didnt get address/es try another process)
9.double click the address
10.right click the address "find out what accesses this address"
12.shoot again the address which ends in "eax" "show disassembler",auto assemble or simply ctrl+A
16.template,code injection,ok the address in no.16,remove "mov" and replace "add" and remove the "eax" and replace "99"
18.erase the address on no.17
19.copy the address in no.16
20.paste the copied address on "place your code here" in no.12
21.execute it
22.close all windows of cheat engine(it doesnt affects the cheat)
23.shoot now

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