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Ninja Saga Hack Anniversary Package July 2012 | Shattered Stories

Attribute Hack

The effect of Attribute hack

NPC hack
Today i will share Ninja Saga Hack Anniversary Package (New!).

  1. Open fiddler
  2. Open Ninja Saga and Play
  3. Go to fiddler click autoresponder tab then tick:
    • enable autoresponse
    • unmatched requests passthrough
  4. Drag all swf files in column autoresponse
  5. Now click clear your browser's cache:
    For Google Chrome:
    • go to options
    • under the hood
    • clear browsing data
    • tick cache and untick others (history etc)
    • clear browsing data
    For Mozillia:
    • Go to tools
    • Clear private data/recent history
    • tick cache and untick others (history etc)
    • Click clear now
    Note: Set the clear cache time range to atleast 1 day !!!
  6. Now go to Shop and select your hack

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