Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Ninja Saga fiddler2 Hack 2011-2012 All in One Shop Hack | Shattered Stories

Tools :
Fiddler2 :
Swf File :
Pass :

1. Open fiddler
2. Goto autoresponder tab & tick:
3. enable autoresponse
4. unmatched requests passthrough
5. Extract hack rar file: 'Ninja Saga - ATM All In One Delay 10 Sec'
6. Open hack files folder
7. Now drag the swf files into the bar below autoresponder
8. Click clear cache in fiddler
9. Now clear your browser's cache:

i) goto options
ii) under the hood
iii) clear browsing data
iv) tick cache & untick others (history etc)
v) clear browsing data

For Mozillia:
i) Goto tools
ii) Clear private data/recent history
iii) tick cache & untick others (history etc)
iv) Click clear now
open headquarters
pass = remove type the number 4 and number 4 again

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