Jumat, 29 Juni 2012

wild ones Kamehameha wave hack cheat engine 100% working | Shattered Stories cheat engine6.1. process list(left-up)and choose your browser.
3.look for (4 bytes) and click and change to text.
4.write bone in the empty place. a (practice) in wildones.
6.make first scan.
7.if no result look in process list for another one of your browser.
8.if results(left) press on 1st one then press (shift"on the keyboard and keep pressing on it)then press on the last result.(we will call this process the shift mission) on the arrow that points down.
10.make the"shift mission" with the results when they come down. enter,and write in the pop-up box(kame).
12.QUICKLY open the practice tab(which was opened all time) and try the dog bone.
13.QUICKLY before your turn finishes go back and press enter again and write bone.
14 .when your turn comes backrepeat step13&14. can be anything except practice.

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