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Talent Point hack Ninja Saga 2012 | Shattered Stories

Tools :

The .SWF File (no password)
Instructions :

Install Fiddler
After you've completed Your Installation [Depends] Open Fiddler
Go to Autoresponder Tab
Check [X] Enable automatic responses and [X] Permit passthrough for unmatched requests
Now to do it the easy way , Just simply drag the .swf file to the autoreponder
It will be automatically placed there
To do it the manual way is to , do step 1 until 4 then resume this :

Click Add
Under the Rule Editor Paste this > REGEX:(?insx).*shop_new\.swf$
Click on the "Down Arrow" on the next box and click find a file
Browse the .swf you downloaded
Now go clear your cache .
For Mozilla -> Tools -> Advanced -> Network -> Clear Now -> OK
For Chrome -> Wrench Icon -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Tick Empty The Cache .
Now open Ninja SagaDescription: Talent Point Hack Ninja Saga Rating: 4.9 Reviewer: ricky1206 ItemReviewed: Talent Point Hack Ninja Saga

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