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Instans Mission Ninja Saga work 100 % 2012 | Shattered Stories

Tools :

The .SWF File (need password, so you can ask to me via email :
Instructions :

Download Fiddler
Open / Execute Fiddler
Now Click on the Autoresponder Tab
Tick both "Enable Automatic Responses" and "Permit passthrough for unmatched requests"
Drag the .swf file you downloaded to the Autoresponder
It would be automatically parsed there
Clear your Cache > Refer "CACHE CLEAR"
Open Ninja Saga

For Mozilla Firefox: Click -> Options -> Advanced -> Network Tab -> Clear Now -> OK
For Google Chrome: Click the wrench icon in the top right of Google Chrome -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data- > Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data (2)Description: Instan Mission Hack Ninja Saga Rating: 4.9 Reviewer: ricky1206 ItemReviewed: Instan Mission Hack Ninja Saga

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